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Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 Arts & Faith Top 100 Films

Check out this list voted on by the Arts & Faith Community, a group associated with the journal, Image. Each film on the list is linked to clips and other extras. See especially this commentary on the list by Steven Greydanus.


Anything surprise you on this list?

Is there a film you think belongs on this list but isn't?

Is there a film on this list you don't think deserves to be?

I'm still pondering my answers to these questions and will weigh in tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. I am utterly unfamiliar with many of these films. Of ones that engender a reaction, though, I would say:

    * Trois couleurs - vastly overrated; each of these was interminable, a prime exemplar of a movie trying too hard to be serious.
    * The Searchers is a great movie.
    * 2001 - I have never, in all my life, understood the critical fascination with this movie. The poignant commentary on the limits of technology, bookended between the oddities of the beginning and end, does not salvage the piece.
    * Touch of Evil - I give up; the inclusion of this disaster of a film reveals the whole enterprise as futile.