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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Upstairs, Downstairs, Miss O'Connor Reads, The Return of Whit Stillman, Kindles at the Public Library

Today I offer a potpourri of links to some interesting and fun items that have been attracting my attention over the last few days…

First, my wife and I very much enjoyed the initial three-episode “season” of the BBC reboot of Upstairs, Downstairs. Excellent script, great characters, superb acting, intriguing setting against the political backdrop of the abdication of Edward VIII, and to top it off, an extremely realistic and sympathetic portrayal of a child with Downs Syndrome. Put it on that Netflix cue.

Making its way around the web the other day was this link to an audio file of Flannery O’Connor reading her short story, “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” (my favorite of her stories) at Vanderbilt University in 1959. Sit back and enjoy Miss O’Connor’s lovely drawl.

And I was glad to see this week that after 13 years the writer-director Whit Stillman (Metropolitan, Barcelona, and The Last Days of Disco) is coming out with a new film, Damsels in Distress. Stillman is a keen observer of social mores, and his films always promise sly humor and insight.

Finally, the New York Times today had a story about how Amazon's Kindle will now be be available to download ebooks from collections at public libraries. Another major move in our cultural transition to the ebook.  

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